Lottery Sambad : Nagaland State Lottery, 1PM, 6PM & 8PM Result

Lottery Sambad Live Result

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10 September 8 PMWhat is Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad is widely played on the south side of India. Millions of people play this game daily. They purchased a lottery draw from the local market of their area. Every single people purchased their own different numbers in the lottery. After that, the completion of the lottery purchase the official authority of the state declares the result. If your lottery ticket’s number will match with the result’s number then you will be the winner. So it is very important to come to your purchased lottery ticket from the results.

Today Lottery Sambad

A huge number of applicants who have purchased the lottery waited for the lottery result. Here we have given the live result update, so then you can easily download the result PDF. Most of the people prefer to check the result as an image. That is why here we have given the PDF file and also the image.

So you can use this platform as per you like to check it. Guys if you will find any type of discrepancies in checking the results then you should inform us. After it, our team will check this and soon give you the accurate information to you. Today Lottery Sambad all times result is very important for the players. So you can check all three times result of the 11:55 AM, 04:00 PM, 08:00 PM. If you have any queries then feel free to ask via comment section.

1 PM Dear Lottery Name

Day Name Dear Lottery Name
Monday Dear Ganga Morning
Tuesday Dear Teesta Morning
Wednesday Dear Torsa Morning
Thursday Dear Padma Morning
Friday Dear Hooghly Morning
Saturday Dear Kosai Morning
Sunday Dear Damodar Morning

6 PM Dear Lottery Name

Day Name Dear Lottery Name
Monday Dear Sun
Tuesday Dear Moon
Wednesday Dear Mercury
Thursday Dear Venus
Friday Dear Earth
Saturday Dear Mars
Sunday Dear Jupiter

8 PM Dear Lottery Name

Day Name Dear Lottery Name
Monday Dear Flamingo
Tuesday Dear Parrot
Wednesday Dear Eagle
Thursday Dear Falcon Evening
Friday Dear Vulture Evening
Saturday Dear Ostrich Evening
Sunday Dear Hawk Evening

Sikkim Lottery Sambad

Sikkim lottery Sambad is the highest played game in the country. Millions of people bought their live tickets from the local market of their area daily. Its live result comes at 11:55 AM; you can check its PDF file and the image also on this page. After that, you can download the image and check who the winner for today’s lottery sambad is. You can check 11:55 AM live result from the given link in the anchor text.

History of Lottery Sambad

Since 1985 a company starts the draw a lucky winner. But this time this game is illegal. After some time government allows this game. So at this time, this game is famous are many states. Many people are playing this game and sine our luck. After some time many states government allow this game ours states. To play this game many people earn a lot of money and enjoy our life. Lottery Sambad is a very good platform for the easy success of many rich peoples. Many poor people play this game and give easily success and enjoy life with her family.

When the company starts this game many people play this game and winner many prizes. When this company starts this game many people play this game and many people also interest in this game and play also. But many people not like this game because there thought this game is lost for the money. so they were against this game. And also stop this company because many people lost her money. At last also against speak this company. But sometime after when the government allows this company to provide her business. And other people are also adding this company and earning a lot of money.

Lottery Sambad Variants

Here are three popular variants that Lottery Sambad contains in its game. These games are West Bengal, Sikkim & Nagaland. All these are distributed as per the state-wise system. If you will go to West Bengal state then you will find that here all the Lottery is related to the Dear Lottery Sambad. Sikkim state opens its own Lottery among the people. And in the case of Nagaland Lottery, you can check the morning game of 11:55 AM. Lottery Sambad newspaper also provides the beneficial and latest information so the regular customers must read them.

Facts about Lottery Sambad

The Lottery Sambad game is a legal game. But some speak this name as illegal but this game is legal. Many people play this game but many times they were winners so they lost our money. At last, I can speak this game is good and bad both are facts in our life. In this game in which many people lost her money to play this game. But they cannot understand this game lost money and waste time.

A lottery is Legal or Not

Here is the contradiction condition regarding the legality of the lottery. Some of the states have banned the lottery system but in many states, it is played openly. Nagaland, West Bengal, Manipur, Sikkim, Maharashtra, Goa these states have opened the lottery game.

So we can say that it is legal in the South and North East side of India. Lottery Sambad is a very popular game and millions of the people have great hope from this if your lottery number will be the same as the resulting number then you will be a millionaire. So this is the all-over system of a lottery as legal or illegal.

Lottery Sambad Types:

Here are many types of the lottery sambad, but the below mentioned types are most used and you can get your result by searching these keywords.

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Lottery Sambad Old Result

Friends if you want to check the old result chart of the lottery sambad then simply visit the page. Here we have given the entire images of Lottery Sambad Old Result. Many of the experienced people always check the old lottery number before purchasing the new one. So it will be very beneficial for you as the purpose of winning the game.

Facts of Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad is a legal game in the thirteen state of India. Millions of people daily play this game. But when anyone says Lottery then it seems that this is illegal, but here we want to reveal the truth that this is legal and widely played in the country.

Is Lottery Sambad Legal?

Yes, it is legal and purely allowed by thirteen states of India.

States Name Who Allowed the Game?

Here are many states who has allowed this game, these are – Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Sikkim, Kerala, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab & Goa.

What is Price of a single Ticket?

You have to pay only 6 INR to purchase a ticket.

How Many Tickets a single individual can purchase?

There is no limitation of purchasing the number of tickets.

Final Words

In this post here we have covered all the important information, even though if there is any query then you can simply ask it via our contact section. All the possible help will be soon made by our team so don’t hesitate and simply ask your questions.